Éamonn's Bio

Éamonn has over 30 years’ experience in the music industry. 

Born and reared in Limerick, he attended the Limerick School of Music from 1978 to 1988, where he achieved Distinction in Grade 8 Classical Violin from the Royal Associated Board of Music. During this time, he also began playing Irish traditional music and received private tuition from legendary Limerick fiddle player, Con Foley. 

Throughout his teens, he travelled to festivals in Ireland and Europe, where he learned and shared music with countless musicians. This not only led to many friendships, which still thrive to the current day, but also broadened his interest and passion for music of many different genres. 

He found his niche in 1987, when he played in a band called The Buachaills. They played an exciting brand of traditional music and songs, which was both innovative and distinctive. They travelled extensively in Ireland and Europe until the mid-90s, when they parted ways to pursue their individual futures. 

From then, until the present day, he has played with numerous musicians and bands, including Fianlach (which he formed in 1993), The Boatmen, Tonto Murphy and Blazin’ Aim

In 2007, Éamonn became the Musical Director with Noiz Entertainment, which manages The Speks, Ireland’s first traditional Irish music band for children. The Speks released an award-winning debut album called Sing-Along Songs from Glasses Island - Volume 1, which earned them a huge fan base worldwide. They perform their live show in some of Ireland’s greatest theatres and music venues, where their sell-out audiences are treated to a thrilling experience of singing, dancing, clapping, cheering, animal noises and non-stop fun! 

A dream was born

In his late teens, Éamonn began writing music and songs and developed a keen interest in recording. In 1986, he recorded his first song, which he entered in Mol an Óige, the national song contest for songs in the Irish language. He made it to the live final, performing the song with his band Réalt Reatha and scooping first prize. 

He has written winning entries in other contests and also written the music for winning songs by other artists. 

Following this success, he began to teach himself to play the guitar and piano, further broadening his musical horizons. Later adding mandolin, mandola and bouzouki to the mix, he now plays a total of six instruments on a regular basis. 

Recording in numerous studios over the years deepened his interest in sound engineering and led to many experimental projects in bedroom studio setups! As with any technology enthusiast (addict!), his arsenal of equipment continued to expand. 

With good advice from producers and sound engineers with whom he worked, he regularly upgraded his setups to a point where he could produce much of his own music from home. However, housing all this equipment was a constant challenge. In 2018, he finally embarked on his lifelong ambition to build a professional studio. 

He converted almost half of his home into a two-room studio, equipped with state-of-the-art technology, equipment and sound insulation. Finished in dark oak and walnut, the studio is modern and spacious, yet intimate and inviting. 

Hazelgate Studio gets its name from a mixture of Hazeldene, where Éamonn grew up and Thomondgate, the birthplace of his late parents Tony and Áine. 

The studio opened its doors in 2019 and has already been the source of an eclectic mix of recordings – traditional, folk and country music/songs, children’s music, film soundtracks, collaboration with a Canadian songwriter and a Primary School Music and Language programme. Hazelgate Studio is where your aspirations and ambitions are only a microphone away!